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Middle School was a weird mix of classics and Star Wars. I was obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux to the point of the book falling apart. I also discovered that while I love Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters can go hang. As for Star Wars... I've read almost every meta-verse book that was published up until the New Order cannon. I can still go into detail and recite storylines of a few beloved books. Hence, my nerd life began.


High school was very paranormal, vampire, scifi, etc. I would literally go online and search for book series that concerned vampires and read everything on the list. We are talking Anita Blake, Charline Harris, Anne Rice, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tanya Huff, Steven King, etc. This was before they sparkled, ya'll. Early college was philosophical and political theory for school, and mainstream fiction in my personal time. Wicked, Life of Pi, Memoirs of a Geisha. These are the 3 books that pushed me into my next phase, mostly because of how ambiguous I felt about them, and their questionable endings.


Late-mid college I was introduced to LaVyrle Spencer by way of Hummingbird courtesy of a gripe session with my Mom about how depressing the books I had been reading lately were. I've never looked back and have been hooked on the romance genre ever since. I've read and loved a ton of LaVyrle Spencer (who is a little hit and miss), Judith McNaught (of the rapetastic 80s era of romance), and Georgette Heyer (who writes in the vein of Austen). More recently I've discovered the joys of contemporary authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


Lately I've been trying to read more non-fiction. I really do enjoy learning about subjects that interest me, but non-fiction can feel like work sometimes. So I fall back to romance. You just can't go wrong with knowing that there will almost always be a happy ending.

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The Rest Falls Away (Gardella Vampire Chronicles, Book 1)

The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason Pros:- Very Buffy-like, complete with "poofing" vampires, nightly patrols, and a Chosen one. I have a soft spot for that show and I can't help but wonder if the author does as well.- The time period really worked for me. I've read historical romance with vampires, but it never felt like reading a regency romance before. She nailed that juxtaposition on the head and I loved it.- The peanut-gallery comments from Victoria's mother and her friends was adorable and a great way to let the reader know what was going on outside of Victoria's rather narrow view. By the end, I wanted to know more about them so I hope they show up in the later books.- Often in this genre we will only get the heroines pov, so I liked being able to see so many others thoughts, from her Aunt to Phillip to Max. I've always seen that style as an easy way to cheating at plot building since not everything can be known by the narrator.- In the end, I want to continue the series, though not because of the heroine. Max was the most interesting character to me and there were some hints of foreshadowing near the end that I would like to know more about.SPOILERS IN THE CONS! Cons:- Never understood the introduction... We are never told how she knows that these dreams mean she should talk to her Aunt. The reader has to make some big assumptions about Victoria's beginning into this life, but I did appreciate that she fast-forwarded past the obligatory omgvampiresreallyexistandi'msupposedtokillthemomg scenes and headed straight to the action.- Caught off guard how quickly Verbena, the maid, catches on to everything. We are told the reason for this is her brother, and although he appears in the story I don't remember him ever speaking. It just seems strange that these two people would know all of this information about these supposedly secretive vampires, including the title of the Venators.- Poor Phillip. When he was introduced, I had the thought that he was entirely too nice to make it through the whole novel. I was right. I never bought into Victoria's love of Phillip... She loved how he adored her, but she seems to only think of him as the boy she knew from her past without much consideration for his present feelings (esp concerning her "destiny"). She likes being fused over and loved, but I never felt anything more from her that a vague liking. Philip seemed to be used by the author as a plot device to give Victoria greater freedom in the future books of the series (widow, money, title, etc), provide a revenge storyline for her so she actually has a reason to fight, and to get rid of her pesky virginity. Hated the way Victoria treated him, but it almost seemed that she was entirely ignorant of his feelings sometimes. Drugging him? Lying to him constantly? Not thinking the whole "marriage" thing through (ie, children). It all smacked of the youth and immaturity that she displayed to her disadvantage through the entire story. For example...- How many times does she proudly proclaim "I am a Venator" only to promptly be beat up, knocked out, and in need of saving. I really understood Max's frustrations with her. She let all of the Chosen nonsense get to her head, and being young she thinks she is invulnerable. I wasn't sold that this mind-frame had changed at the ending, but we'll see in the future books. - Another thing I never really bought was the chemistry that I could tell was supposed to be happening between Victoria and Max, as well as Victoria and Sebastian. Just came off as a girl playing around.