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Middle School was a weird mix of classics and Star Wars. I was obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux to the point of the book falling apart. I also discovered that while I love Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters can go hang. As for Star Wars... I've read almost every meta-verse book that was published up until the New Order cannon. I can still go into detail and recite storylines of a few beloved books. Hence, my nerd life began.


High school was very paranormal, vampire, scifi, etc. I would literally go online and search for book series that concerned vampires and read everything on the list. We are talking Anita Blake, Charline Harris, Anne Rice, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tanya Huff, Steven King, etc. This was before they sparkled, ya'll. Early college was philosophical and political theory for school, and mainstream fiction in my personal time. Wicked, Life of Pi, Memoirs of a Geisha. These are the 3 books that pushed me into my next phase, mostly because of how ambiguous I felt about them, and their questionable endings.


Late-mid college I was introduced to LaVyrle Spencer by way of Hummingbird courtesy of a gripe session with my Mom about how depressing the books I had been reading lately were. I've never looked back and have been hooked on the romance genre ever since. I've read and loved a ton of LaVyrle Spencer (who is a little hit and miss), Judith McNaught (of the rapetastic 80s era of romance), and Georgette Heyer (who writes in the vein of Austen). More recently I've discovered the joys of contemporary authors like Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


Lately I've been trying to read more non-fiction. I really do enjoy learning about subjects that interest me, but non-fiction can feel like work sometimes. So I fall back to romance. You just can't go wrong with knowing that there will almost always be a happy ending.

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Eclipse of the Heart - Carly Carson Oh, goodness... This book... My mouth was literally hanging open at parts due to pure incredulity. This book gives me a headache just thinking about it for longer than a few minutes so I'm just going to put some of my notes and observations here and call it a day:

Note: These points just started and I couldn't stop bitching so this is longer than planned... But damn this book pissed me off.

- First of all, this is one of those crazy melodramatic stories. You know, the ones where people have histrionic moments because the sky is blue. This is a thing that drives me crazy no matter what the book is. It just added to the bad here.

- The beginning of this book is just ridiculous. He was interviewing escort ladies? At his office? I just... What?

- Despite being told that the whole reason Amanda must have this job (not the escort one, another one... I know, they are confused for a bit on this point as well) is because her sister is sick and her mother needs to quit her job to help with the treatment. Aside from this plot device, you never really meet her family or learn anything about them besides these basic facts. Bothered me since they were such a huge part of Amanda ever doing anything.

- Amanda would regularly be told something by one character on one page, and then five pages later be told the same thing by a different character and act like she had never heard it before. I'm sorry, not "act", she genuinely didn't. This happened several times. Poor editing.

- Amanda constantly has thoughts along the line of "what choice did she have", generally in response to something that Logan was forcing her to do. These things included but are not limited to eating when and where he wanted, going to events with him, letting him buy her a new wardrobe, etc. She has exactly one moment of showing a spine and it is over what to wear to an office party (which she ends up regretting, so make of that what you will...). Most of the time she complains about how bossy he is, tells him that he doesn't run her life, and then lets him do exactly that. At one point near the end, she has the thought "I don't choose to let my life be manipulated by what he thinks is best.". People, my eyes almost rolled right on outta my head at that one.

- Speaking of that douche-canoe Logan, when Amanda decides to raise their child (yea, it goes here) alone because she doesn't want it to have an emotionally detached father who basically told her that he hates children, he tells her that he is going to file a lawsuit against her for exclusive rights to the child unless she does everything he tells her. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP TO YOU? And guess what she does? I mean, after all... "What choice did she have"? Oh and his response when she gets upset about all of his highhandedness? "I know you feel trapped. I'm proposing to make your sentence lighter." HER SENTENCE PEOPLE! To me, that is admitting you are a jailer. This is NOT sexy. Ugh.

- There is some slut shaming that I am not even going to get into because it was part of the plot that was just a whole 'nother barrel of sweaty monkeys.

- Nearer to the end he has packed her off to his house out of the city... So she can rest? I dunno, but this was the whole reason he threatened to sue her for parental rights, cause she didn't want to go. So while she is here, his housekeeper is going on about how mean Amanda is for not making Logans life easier and just giving in to him. When Amanda explains how abusive he is (my words, not hers...), the housekeepers response is "Good for him". Amanda's "friend" gets snarky with Amanda at one point saying that Amanda "can't be bothered to take his calls", to which I reply WTF? The one call it talks about Amanda receiving from him while she is there makes her excited because its rare/he hasn't called before (can't remember which), and she answers it so this is either another example of terrible editing, or Logan was lying to her friend. Either way...

- To put the cherry on top of this cake, she finally has the baby and, wonder of wonders, he shows up. Keep in mind that he hasn't been to see her since he packed her off several months before. Turns out that he was in the city cleaning up some loose ends (re: slut shaming) and, oh yeah, buying a house for them to live in. Without consulting Amanda. Cause you know, that's just how he rolls. And everyone is happy. The end.

TLDR: lolwut the hell did I just read?

Copy courtesy of Aspendawn Books, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.p